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mercredi 25 mai 2022

  • Ull: Land of a Thousand Villains - Didajin
    Hail Greyhawkers! This week's humble offering from Ull: Land of a Thousand Villains is one I think DMs and players alike may grow to like. Not all bad guys have to be evil. Some can be sympathetic and useful. Enjoy Didajin. “The inhabitants of Ull have an uncanny will to live. In fact, many (...)

mardi 24 mai 2022

  • Presenting the Guru
    For the finale in my series of articles on Zihindia, the land beyond the Sea of Dust, I am pleased to present the Guru split-class. Swamis with high ability scores are able to split into the Guru class (much as Read More

mardi 17 mai 2022

  • The first non-evil Drow
    With Wizards of the Coast's initiative to strip monsters and fantasy races of their default alignment preferences, I thought it would be interesting to talk about the first non-evil drow character. No, this isn't about Drizzt Do'Urden, although you might Read (...)

  • Sea Princes Nobles 576 CY - Commodore Silas Oratero
    Welcome back to another installment of the Sea Princes Nobles of 576 CY. According to the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer there is 30 noble domains, so yes, I will be doing 30 nobles in the long run. My previous posts were about the two top nobles, the Princes of Port Toli and Monmurg. Today I (...)

jeudi 12 mai 2022

  • Ull: Land of a Thousand Villains - Ghular the Vanisher
    Heya Greyhawkers! Time for another villainous addition to the Ull rogue's gallery. Unlike the previous two installments which appeared in Oerth Journal, this one is a wholly new creation for the blog. Be the first to use this wicked antagonist in your campaign, let me know how it goes, and if (...)

mardi 10 mai 2022

  • Zihindian Gods and Magic Items
    We're closing in on the final installments of my series on Zihindia, the land beyond the Sea of Dust. Today we have four more deities, and several new magic items based on Indian folklore and Bollywood excess. Only one more Read (...)

lundi 9 mai 2022

jeudi 5 mai 2022

  • Ull: Land of a Thousand Villains - Sheik Chagan Vachir
    Welcome again Greyhawkers to another installment of Ull: Land of a Thousand Villains! If you haven't read the previous baddy, Nura bint Ramil, please check out that post first to see what this column is all about. Today's villain is another revisited NPC from my Greyhawk writing past. Sheik (...)

mardi 3 mai 2022

  • Adventure Module V3 “Toil and Trouble”
    I'm pleased to report that my next adventure module is now available. V3, “Toil and Trouble” is the final adventure in the “Hamlet of Volage” trilogy (V1 and V2). Now the PCs must venture to the heart of the evil Read More

jeudi 28 avril 2022

  • Greyhawk Monsters: Briar Golem
    Howdy Greyhawkers! Another new bit of content I'm trying out for GREYHAKWERY is some original (or so I think) 5E monsters. One thing that is nice about the most recent edition of D&D is how easy it is to create variations of existing monsters, and all you need is the core Monster Manual and (...)

mardi 26 avril 2022

  • Whom do the Hierarchs Serve?
    It seems like the question should be an easy one to answer. The Horned Society, which was an evil realm that rose in the west-central area of the Flanaess and was eventually conquered by Iuz in the Greyhawk Wars, should Read (...)



Oerth Journal 28

dimanche 12 mai 2019

Février 2019 : Parution du numéro 28 du Oerth Journal

Oerth Journal 27

vendredi 20 janvier 2017

Il a mis 5 ans à arriver, mais il est là...

Sur le Web : Canonfire

Greyhawk Reborn !

samedi 21 novembre 2015

Greyhawk Reborn is a new living-style campaign based in the legendary World of Greyhawk using the D&D 5E rules !

Sur le Web : Greyhawk Reborn

Best of Greyhawk # 15

lundi 26 août 2013

Voici le 15e fichier qui compile les meilleurs articles postés sur le forum Greyhawk d’AOL (Juillet - Aout 1996).

Best of Greyhawk #15

Canonfire Chronicles

vendredi 2 août 2013

Un petit frère (un fork amical) à Oerth Journal, vient tout juste d’être publié. Il contient plus de 150 pages, essentiellement d’aventures, rédigées par les amateurs et les spécialistes du monde de Greyhawk.


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