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dimanche 19 mai 2019

  • Greyhawk’s World – The Periphery
    I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I posted one of these (mainly because I was diverted by doing the Baklunish series which just ended), but here we are, a year later, and I’ve got one last “Greyhawk’s Read More

lundi 13 mai 2019

  • Ghosts of Saltmarsh Thoughts
    Howdy Greyhawkers! It's a lazy weekend, so all I have is some quick commentary on some early reviews of Wizards' release of nautical themed rule/adventure hardcover Ghosts of Saltmarsh. There's a good one on ENWorld by Beth Rimmels. And there's an excellent post by NewbieDM with pictures. I'm (...)

jeudi 9 mai 2019

  • Greyhawk A-Z: Monsters
    Howdy Greyhawkers! I was looking for something to write about this weekend and lo and behold this old column popped up. If you haven't seen my A to Z posts check them out on the Best of Greyhawkery HERE. I've covered people, places, deities and magic, so why not monsters? This is generally (...)

jeudi 2 mai 2019

  • New Blog: Greyhawk Stories
    Welcome World of Greyhawk fans. Today I'm promoting a new Greyhawk themed blog called Greyhawk Stories! What is the mission of Greyhawk Stories? Obviously to share some of the best lore and fiction about the setting we all love. And there will definitely be a healthy dose of new works by the (...)

dimanche 28 avril 2019

  • Avengers Endgame Thoughts
    Hello Greyhawkers. It's been a long, busy week, but I did manage to see Avengers: Endgame and I must say, after 10 years of amazing Marvel comic movies building up to this finale I got some thoughts to share in relation to running a D&D/RPG campaign (not just Greyhawk). Also, no don't (...)

samedi 27 avril 2019

  • Film Review: Avengers Endgame (Spoiler Free)
    Well it’s finally here. The culmination of 22 movies over 10 years. I saw Avengers Endgame in a packed Dolby theater this afternoon (I always get Dolby now if possible, because of the assigned seating). Gotta say I loved it, Read (...)

mardi 23 avril 2019

  • A Few New Greyhawk Articles
    Greetings seekers of all things Greyhawk! Today I bring you three new works from various luminaries of the Greyhawk community. Let's get it started! First up is the final installment of Joe Bloch's wonderful series of articles expanding the Baklunish Pantheon. If you haven't seen this already (...)

dimanche 21 avril 2019

  • Finishing Up the Baklunish
    And so we come to the end of my series of articles detailing the Baklunish. What began as a project to map out some gods turned into a much bigger project, with maps, and a Guide, and new monsters, and Read More

samedi 20 avril 2019

dimanche 14 avril 2019

  • Greyhawkery Link Updates
    Greetings Greyhawkers! Today is a lazy weekend, so I started to refurbish some of my defunct stuff on my front page. First off, if you go to my Greyhawk Articles page, I have updated the links to some of my stuff from the Oerth Journal and so on. Many thanks to Greyhawk Online for making the (...)

dimanche 7 avril 2019

  • Greyhawk News Tidbits
    Good fortune to you Greyhawkers! Today I have a few Greyhawk related news tidbits to throw out. Let's get started: Our very own Bards of Greyhawk have an extraordinary announcement on their Facebook page. They are going to be doing a Kickstarter to promote a short comic drawn by D&D artist (...)

dimanche 31 mars 2019

  • Phases of Gaming
    I’ve come to notice that several games have dominated certain periods of my life. I thought it would be interesting to go through them. Naturally, these aren’t hard-and-fast demarcations, but they do show some of the peaks and valleys when Read (...)

samedi 30 mars 2019

  • Greyhawk Mini-Map: Whyestil Lake
    Greetings Greyhawkers! Today I have another hand-drawn, mini-map of the World of Greyhawk. If you haven't seen these hex maps creations of mine, check out these previous posts, including the recent one I did for the Wastes. I do them for fun, to zoom in on an area of the Flanaess you may or may (...)

jeudi 28 mars 2019

  • Tribality Feature: Greyhawk Cities
    Hail Greyhawk stalwarts! Today I'm promoting a new regular Greyhawk series over at RPG website . Staff author, Blake Ryan is slowly building momentum with his Greyhawk Cities feature. His first column covers the Ratik capital city of Marner. This is followed by a unique look at the city of (...)

dimanche 24 mars 2019

  • More Baklunish Gods, and Paynims
    Apologies for the delay in posting this next installment of the series, but between going to two conventions and being heads-down trying to get Adventures Great and Glorious done in time for the Kickstarter, things have been hectic! But now Read (...)

  • Ernie Gygax Meets Greyhawk Online
    Hey Greyhawkers! I got a quick piece of news I want to boost the signal to, from the resurgent fansite (and friend of this blog) Greyhawk Online. Greyhawk Online had the chance after Gary Con XI to visit the home of Ernest Gygax, the son of the late Gary Gygax. Ernie is known for creating (...)

mardi 19 mars 2019

  • Greyhawk Map: The Wastes
    Hail Greyhawkers! Today I have another random mini-Greyhawk map drawn by yours truly! If you want to check out some of my previous quickie maps, go HERE. What you are seeing is the Wastes in the northern reaches of the Flanaess - but you are viewing this desolate region from the Icy Sea which (...)

lundi 18 mars 2019

  • Film Review: Captain Marvel (Spoiler Free)
    I got to see the latest Marvel flick, Captain Marvel, this weekend. I missed opening weekend because of Garycon. I saw it in an almost-filled theater with Dolby, which is my go-to choice because of the reserved seating, but the Read (...)

vendredi 15 mars 2019

  • Where Is Saltmarsh?
    Hello Greyhawkers! The title of this post is of course facetious, it's part of the World of Greyhawk. But for a small port first introduced in 1981's U1: Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, it's surprisingly a house-hold name in popular culture (27th all-time) while at the same time under-appreciated (...)

  • Why Dungeons?
    This is a question that comes up perennially, it seems, especially (but not exclusively) among newer players to the game. They can’t seem to fathom why dungeons exist, and in the sort of realistic-fantasy world they prefer, they simply cannot Read (...)

mardi 12 mars 2019

  • GaryCon Recap
    Last weekend was GaryCon, in beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where it all began. If you’ve never been to this con, I cannot recommend it highly enough. There are thousands of gamers, artists, and vendors, all there to pay homage to Read (...)

dimanche 10 mars 2019

  • Greyhawk Going on at Gary Con XI
    Greetings Greyhawkers! It's been a wonderful weekend as I just had a small dose of Gary Con XI. Yeah I was only there for barely half of it with my best friend Jayson "Valkaun" King, but I do have a lot to report on the Greyhawk front! Let's go! Getting the big news out of the way first, me and (...)

dimanche 3 mars 2019

  • 5E: Which Greyhawk Classics Are Next?
    Hail Greyhawkers! Today I am going to do an in-depth survey of which adventures or classic themes remain for WotC to adapt to 5th Edition. It's been a remarkable run so far for 5E, with Wizards' handling of nostalgia driven storylines and online entertainment. I wonder if they can keep up the (...)

  • Greyhawk’s Culture Level
    As students of European history will know, pre-modern Europe is divided into several different periods, collectively known as the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The beginning of Medieval Europe is called the Early Middle Ages (aka the Dark Age), c. Read (...)

vendredi 1er mars 2019

  • Quasi-Deities, Hero-Deities, and Heroes
    One of the original “little brown books” (LBBs) that were published back in the days when all the D&D rulebooks could fit in a little white box, was Gods, Demigods, and Heroes. As the title suggested, it detailed divine beings Read (...)

  • Adventures Great and Glorious Kickstarter now live
    The new Kickstarter for Adventures Great and Glorious in now live! The book will contain old-school RPG rules for high-level play, including domain management, courtly intrigue, mass combat, and much more. You can reach the Kickstarter (...)

jeudi 28 février 2019

  • Greyhawk in Dragon+ and Gary Con XI
    Hail friends of Greyhawk. You may or may not have already seen, but the newest issue of Dragon+ (a periodical I have slacked in reading) has a new article that is a must read. Behind the Screen: Greyhawk by John Roy and Luke Gygax is both a nostalgic ride to the early years of Greyhawk and (...)

lundi 25 février 2019

  • Blitzkrieg in the West
    Today I received a new game in the mail, which I had supported on Kickstarter in March 2018. It was the first effort by Canvas Temple Publishing (they’ve since done three more Kickstarter campaigns), which is a new company founded Read (...)

dimanche 24 février 2019

  • Greyhawk Map: Lordship of the Isles
    Greetings Greyhawk mavens! As we get closer to GaryCon again I am starting to feel anxious to talk Greyhawk. To pass the time, I started drawing mini-maps of sections of the Flanaess, with some clever artistic touches thrown in. I doubt I'll do a whole lot of these, but I'm looking for corners (...)

jeudi 21 février 2019

  • Taxes in Greyhawk
    Greetings Greyhawkers. They say in many parts of the prime material plane, nothing is certain but death and taxes. In the World of Greyhawk setting, death is ever present and at times a literal avatar to fight against. But taxes? This too is all the game, there is no avoiding it humble, heroes. (...)

mercredi 13 février 2019

  • Great Greyhawk Couples
    Happy Valentines Day, Greyhawkers! I don't think there is a Greyhawk equivalent to this holiday unless it's a holy day to Myhriss goddess of love. At any rate, that's a topic for another day. The World of Greyhawk is well known for its mega-dungeons, artifacts and warfare, but is it known for (...)

lundi 11 février 2019

  • Colorful Places of Greyhawk
    Greetings Greyhawkers! Today I bring you another fun topic on Greyhawk geography. This one follows suit with the post I did on "Cold Places" in the Flanaess. This time let's look at the colorful places found in the World of Greyhawk. In our world there is plenty of colorfully named locations (...)

samedi 2 février 2019

  • Castle Greyhawk Finale
    Greetings Greyhawkers! This week I am proud to announce that Scott Casper and I have reached the conclusion of our long running Castle Greyhawk comic. It's been several years and over 160+ pages of amazing story and art. When we started this comic back in 2012, Scott had already written a (...)

mercredi 30 janvier 2019

  • 5E: More Greyhawk Wars Magic Items
    Last time I featured three unique magic items named in the 2nd edition era board game Greyhawk Wars, but were never found in any other supplement before or after. Today we look at the last three of this set as I try to convert them to 5E rules using the spirit of the board game descriptions. (...)

samedi 26 janvier 2019

  • 5E: Greyhawk Wars Magic Items
    Good day Greyhawkers! I am here to present some interestingly original Greyhawk magic items that I have converted to 5E rules (since this is the current edition I run). My old post from several years ago on Unique Magic Item Cards found in the Greyhawk Wars boxed set was never fully capitalized (...)

jeudi 24 janvier 2019

samedi 19 janvier 2019

  • Amazing Greyhawk Art
    Greetings Greyhawkers! Some of you may have already seen this beautiful piece of art on one of many Greyhawk Facebook groups already, but I'm spreading the love as best as I can! I get quite excited when creators do Greyhawk fan work. Most of the time it might be an article or map, but every so (...)

samedi 12 janvier 2019

  • Greyhawk Justice
    Well met Greyhawkers! It's interesting to me that since I dual-classed away from 20th level innkeeper to last year become a 1st level minion for the Guild of Lawyers and Scribes, that I know way more about our criminal code than back when I was a young gamer putting my friends through hell by (...)

dimanche 6 janvier 2019

  • Which Greyhawk Modules To Run?
    Okay Greyhawkers, quick random topic because it's a weekend and I haven't got a broader topic until me and Anna Meyer return to Legends & Lore in February. "Which modules have I never ran that I would love to someday?" Go ahead and shoot down these five choices, but everyone's tastes are (...)

lundi 31 décembre 2018

  • Diplomacy 2019
    I have a hankering to run a game of (email) Diplomacy next year. Anyone interested? Email if so with the words “Diplomacy 2019” in the subject (no quotes). If I can get seven players, I’ll happily serve as moderator Read (...)

dimanche 30 décembre 2018

  • New Gazetteer at Greyhawk Grognard
    Greetings Greyhawk enthusiasts! It's almost the end of another Common Year, and my esteemed colleague, Joe Bloch over at Greyhawk Grognard has come through with his best Baklunish article yet! Lately he has been updating the western Baklunish lands and pantheons in the spirit of Gary Gygax's (...)

samedi 29 décembre 2018

  • Baklunish Lands Beyond the Flanaess
    Howdy folks! Just in time to close out the new year, I am pleased to present to you another lost article from the bygone pages of Dragonne Magazine, that publication in another universe where Gary Gygax stayed at TSR and Read (...)

vendredi 28 décembre 2018

  • Film Review: Bumblebee (Spoiler Free)
    I saw Bumblebee yesterday in a regular theater (no 3D, no IMAX, etc.) which was mostly full (not bad for 3:30 in the afternoon). Short version; I loved it, and it gave me everything I’ve wanted in a live-action Transformers Read (...)

mardi 25 décembre 2018

  • Greyhawk Online Returns!
    It's a Needfest miracle, Greyhawk fans! Thanks to my friends, particularly W.K. Nolen, the fan hosting site Greyhawk Online has been given a shot of life and a modern front page upgrade. Greyhawk Online was created as a sister site to Canonfire! to host pages for creative Greyhawk fans, such as (...)

lundi 24 décembre 2018

  • Gary Con Support
    Hey all! I attended my first GaryCon last year, and had a blast. I’ll be vending there again next March, as BRW Games. I thought it would be nifty to make these badges so folks could show their support for Read More

vendredi 21 décembre 2018

  • Film Review: Aquaman (Spoiler Free)
    The family and I saw Aquaman tonight. We saw it in IMAX in a mostly-filled theater (with, unfortunately, a chatterbox toddler right behind me). I normally don't do IMAX, but in this case I read that the movie was filmed Read (...)

  • Needfest Thank You Cards
    It's almost the end of the year, which means it's time for me to look over my Needfest bounty of Greyhawk gifts and offer some thanks... First, I am happy to say thank you to my Legends & Lore co-host Anna Meyer for a successful season on the Greyhawk Channel. We really killed it, averaging (...)

dimanche 16 décembre 2018

  • AD&D's mini-games
    I've long maintained that one of the best things about AD&D 1st edition is its modularity (and it should be noted that most of what I'm about to say also, or even especially, applies to the original D&D booklets — Read (...)

mercredi 12 décembre 2018

  • Cold Things in Greyhawk
    Cold Iron Avail You, Greyhawk fans! It's fast approaching that time of year, yes that's right, Needfest. Today I'm going to do an easy, fun post to coincide with my show with Anna Meyer on the Greyhawk Channel, Legends & Lore. If you haven't seen the show, we sit around and riff on all (...)

samedi 8 décembre 2018

  • Where the hell have I been?
    Hey all! I realized I hadn't posted in a while, and just wanted to let folks know what's what. Almost all my free gaming time has been spent on two things – the next installment of my Baklunish articles, and Read More



Oerth Journal 28

dimanche 12 mai

Février 2019 : Parution du numéro 28 du Oerth Journal

Oerth Journal 27

vendredi 20 janvier 2017

Il a mis 5 ans à arriver, mais il est là...

Sur le Web : Canonfire

Greyhawk Reborn !

samedi 21 novembre 2015

Greyhawk Reborn is a new living-style campaign based in the legendary World of Greyhawk using the D&D 5E rules !

Sur le Web : Greyhawk Reborn

Best of Greyhawk # 15

lundi 26 août 2013

Voici le 15e fichier qui compile les meilleurs articles postés sur le forum Greyhawk d’AOL (Juillet - Aout 1996).

Best of Greyhawk #15

Canonfire Chronicles

vendredi 2 août 2013

Un petit frère (un fork amical) à Oerth Journal, vient tout juste d’être publié. Il contient plus de 150 pages, essentiellement d’aventures, rédigées par les amateurs et les spécialistes du monde de Greyhawk.


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