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dimanche 9 septembre 2018

  • New Greyhawk Grognard Articles
    Hello Greyfriends. I would be remiss if I didn't promote the amazing Greyhawk work going on over at Greyhawk Grognard. In the last week there has been a lot going on, starting with a two part study on the classic Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, then Mr. Bloch writes a treatise on design principles (...)

jeudi 6 septembre 2018

  • Upcoming on the Greyhawk Channel
    Hello Greyfolk. Short post today but I'm here to do a shout for The Greyhawk Channel on Twitch. DMShane hasn't put out his full Fall line-up yet, but some possible show teaser titles so far include Birthright of the Pomarj (sounds awesome), Savage Tide (the popular Paizo adventure path) and (...)

lundi 3 septembre 2018

  • Greyhawk Design Principles
    Hey all! I thought I’d take a look at something different today. I’d like to examine the overall design of the World of Greyhawk Fantasy Setting, as designed by Gary Gygax, and what it tells us about campaign design in Read More

  • Greyhawk Design Principles
    Hey all! I thought I’d take a look at something different today. I’d like to examine the overall design of the World of Greyhawk Fantasy Setting, as designed by Gary Gygax, and what it tells us about campaign design in Read More

dimanche 2 septembre 2018

  • Presenting the Baklunish Pantheon
    Wonder of wonders! I have unearthed more articles from the bygone pages of Dragonne magazine, that alternate-history publication wherein my favorite game (and favorite setting) were never wrenched out of the hands of its creator. In all seriousness, I’ve taken Read (...)

samedi 1er septembre 2018

  • Classic Dragonmirth
    Howdy Greyhawkers! Today I have a treat. We are going to look back on some old comics from Dragon magazine, no not Wormy or Snarfquest or What's New with Phil and Dixie, I'm talking about the less flashy black and white comics that came before those in Dragonmirth. Readers with any level of (...)

vendredi 31 août 2018

  • Looking at Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, Part Two
    Continuing my ruminations on this classic module from last time, I want to address a couple of pretty obvious questions. (As an aside, there was also a much later (2007) online adventure that included “Iggwilv’s Horn” and “The Hollow of the Read (...)

mardi 28 août 2018

  • 5E Greyhawk Artifacts: Kanteel of the Oldest
    Greetings friends of Greyhawk! Today I'm going to try something out. After recently musing about one-sided battles with Istus and Ulaa, I started thinking about the unique magic items belonging to the gods of Oerth. Well, for the most part they are actually relics and artifacts of which no (...)

samedi 25 août 2018

  • Looking at Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, Part One
    Adventure module S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth has never been one of my favorites. Much like its semi-sequel, WG4 The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun, I never ran it back in the day, and I never really understood the appeal, Read (...)

vendredi 24 août 2018

  • Now available – random terrain and encounter generator
    Now available! This is the long-awaited Random Terrain and Encounter Generator. This is something that BRW Games customers have been asking for, for years, and here it is. More than a hundred pages, based on the tables in the original Read (...)

  • Quick Birthplaces For Greyhawk
    Greeting Greyhawkers! Today's subject is one that has come up in my home games in the recent past. Where does my new character come from? New gamers, unfamiliar with the geography and history of the Flanaess will not have the slightest idea where to establish their character's home land. The (...)

mercredi 22 août 2018

  • Start of a Great Adventures Dark and Deep Review
    Blogger Christopher Bishop posted the first of a multi-part review of Adventures Dark and Deep on Multiverse today. Do check it out – I’ve never seen such an in-depth review.

samedi 18 août 2018

  • Greyhawk: Let's Fight Ulaa
    Welcome back Greyhawkers. Following up on my last post about battling Istus, I'm going to have some fun discussing the same scenario with Ulaa, the Stonewife a Greater Deity first seen in the original World of Greyhawk Guide. Ulaa (pronounced OO-lah) is the goddess of Hills, Mountains and (...)

samedi 11 août 2018

  • Greyhawk: Let's Fight Istus
    Greetings fans of Greyhawk. Today I'm going to muse about Istus, the Lady of Fate, Great Deity of the World of Greyhawk pantheon. Istus is pivotal not only to the destiny of heroes as her portfolio and the module Fate of Istus would suggest, but she is also a mean combatant according to the 83 (...)

vendredi 10 août 2018

  • New Preview for Patreon patrons
    Hi all! I’m still new at this whole Patreon thing, so apologies if I’m still feeling my way around. I’ve posted something for Patreon backers only; it’s a sneak preview of something I’m tinkering with. Patrons will get to see Read (...)

mercredi 8 août 2018

  • Greyhawk, GenCon and GaryCon
    Hello Greyhawkers, Gen Con 2018 was last week and I of course missed out on a chance for some meet-ups and gaming. I know DMShane and many fine players and fans from the Greyhawk Channel were there as I sadly followed the event on Twitter. My friend Carlos Lising was also at Indy. running some (...)

lundi 6 août 2018

  • Jeremy Hambly Attacked at GenCon
    So this weekend at GenCon, Jeremy Hambly, who does the YouTube channel The Quartering, was physically assaulted at a bar. I’m not going to get into the details, but Jeremy has done a good job of laying it out in Read More

samedi 4 août 2018

  • Inner Planes of Greyhawk
    Hola Greyhawkers! This week is GenCon and like many of you, I am not there. Boo! So while Greyhawk is certainly being played by the masses I have some new maps to show those who haven't already seen them. Over at old school fansite The Piazza, Greyhawk super-fan ripvanwormer has created some (...)

lundi 30 juillet 2018

  • Con Report: Historicon 2018
    Hi all! Sorry I’m so late with this, but things have been popping here lately, so I’ve not had as much time as I’d like. Still, better late than never. A few weeks ago I went to my first-ever Historicon, Read More

vendredi 27 juillet 2018

  • Please Consider Supporting me through Patreon
    Hi all! I have been writing the Greyhawk Grognard blog for more than ten years (I know; it’s hard for me to believe, too). During that time, I’ve started my own publishing company, BRW Games, which sells some of the Read More

  • Happy Gygax Day!
    Gary Gygax, 7/27/1938 – 3/4/2008

jeudi 26 juillet 2018

  • Greyhawk Grognard: Boccob God of Magic
    Welcome back Greyfiends! Today we are saddled with the announcement by Wizards that their next two supported worlds are Eberron and that other one from an obscure card game. Never fear though! Joseph Bloch at Greyhawk Grognard has some 5E deity material to sooth the heartache of being snubbed (...)

samedi 21 juillet 2018

  • Original Greyhawk Mods
    Hail Greyhawkers! Today I'm promoting the work of my good friend and avid Greyhawk writer, Carlos A.S. Lising. Carlos has been busily making old school modules and running them at GaryCon. I had the privilege to play in a few of his games these last couple years, and now they are available at (...)

dimanche 15 juillet 2018

  • Greyhawk Order of Battle Lists
    Hail Greyhawkers. Today I'm perusing old Dragon mags again, this time delving into Dragon #37 an old issue indeed from May 1980. What makes this issue significant is that this is the release year for the World of Greyhawk setting (Folio). Up to and including this point, Gygax and company had (...)

mercredi 11 juillet 2018

  • Map: West Greyhawk Quarter
    Hail Greyhawk fans! Today I bring a strange find from my D&D vault (attic totes). It's a very beat-up, hand drawn map of the City of Greyhawk's new "Traveler's Quarter" from my long running 2nd Edition campaign. Sure it' crumpled, crude and half colored in, but this was our attempt to (...)

mercredi 4 juillet 2018

  • Dragon Magazine #70 Ads
    Hail Greyhawkers! It's a lazy day off so I'm gonna have fun. My last post got me thinking more about old Dragon ads and how as a youth I enjoyed looking at those almost as much as the articles or comics. Nowadays gaming ads don't attract me. They're too well made. Boring! Some of these old (...)

dimanche 1er juillet 2018

  • Dragon #200 Ad: Mystara
    Hey Greyhawkers! Today I'm wistfully working on a writing project that I've been chipping away at for quite a long time. I'm also listening to the Twitch debut of Valley of Soot & Skull on the Greyhawk Channel. In the meantime, I have a question for all your readers, is it possible to be (...)

jeudi 28 juin 2018

  • Evil Alternate Oerth
    Cold iron avail you, Greyhawkers! Today I'm entertaining an interesting and obscure facet of World of Greyhawk lore. Namely, alternate-Oerths. According to fan-scholars on the subject, Oerth has four known alternate, parallel worlds: Aerth, Uerth, Yarth, and Earth. For a lengthier explanation (...)

samedi 23 juin 2018

  • New From The Greyhawk Channel
    Good day Greyhawk fans! It's officially summer so you know it's time for DMShane over at the Greyhawk Channel to announce another new show to his line up. This makes TEN shows actively streaming on the Twitch channel. Amazing! The newest campaign is called Fortune & Glory. DMShane sums it (...)

mercredi 20 juin 2018

  • Children of Kord
    Hail friends of Greyhawk! Today I'm musing about all the children of Kord god of strength. In fact, I'm entirely surprised there isn't any officially named in canon. At least to my knowledge. Why is this a shock? Well Len Lakofka set them up to be some heroic progeny way back in Dragon Magazine (...)

samedi 16 juin 2018

  • Unmapped Cities of Greyhawk
    Hail Greyhawkers! Not much going on this week so I'm thumbing through the old 83 Guide and thinking about all the cities and towns that have been mapped in official Greyhawk publications (and there's alot of them!). Now I can imagine during the heyday of Living Greyhawk many many more towns (...)

samedi 9 juin 2018

  • Greyhawk Channel Summer Schedule
    Hey Greyhawk mavens! Today I'm once again promoting my good friends at The Greyhawk Channel. The family of streaming Greyhawk campaigns keeps getting larger! Check out this summer schedule put out by mastermind DMShane: Shane himself runs three days a week with his original Return to Greyhawk (...)

mercredi 6 juin 2018

  • Updated D&D Story Odds
    Hail Greyhawk faithful! Today I'm finally chiming in on the recent Wizards news of their next D&D story line, the two part Forgotten Realms, Dragon Heist and Dungeon of the Mad Mage. Followed closely by a teaser that in July two new (old) worlds would be announced for future publication. (...)

jeudi 31 mai 2018

  • Coming Soon to Greyhawk Channel
    Howdy Greyheads! Today I'm promoting a teaser for the new upcoming campaign on The Greyhawk Channel to be ran by Dani Neary (@ImperialScum) called "The Dying Kingdom". Just the name is intriguing to me. It's also good to see DMShane branching out his Twitch channel to have other DMs running (...)

samedi 26 mai 2018

  • Greyhawkery Updates
    Hey Greyhawkers! Lazy Mortellan strikes again. I am here to bring up some quick Greyhawkery news. First off, I have added new content to my primer list on the front page of the blog. Adventures in Greyhawk is a round-up of all published modules (not Living-Greyhawk or Dungeon) set in the World (...)

dimanche 20 mai 2018

  • Poll Result: Which Wizard Would You Follow
    Hey Greyhawkers! Coinciding with the internet buzz about Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes, I'm gonna muse over my latest (and possibly last due to Blogger) poll, Which Wizard Would You Follow? Greyhawk is a land of many mages, none as famous as the Circle of Eight. I gave a major section of the (...)

vendredi 18 mai 2018

  • Greyhawk Grognard: Events of the Northwest
    Hail Greyhawkers! Today is a good day because Joseph Bloch at Greyhawk Grognard has finally added recent events in the Baklunish Northwest thus completing his roster of retro-articles based on the old Gary Gygax Dragon Magazine run of Greyhawk's World. Now those looking for updates on Zeif, (...)

samedi 12 mai 2018

  • Comic Redux: D&D Advert
    Welcome fans of Greyhawk! It's time to dig back into my long shut down Greyhawk Comic archives and have some fun. Here is one from several years ago. If anyone remembers these ads, you're in for a treat because this comic was the first in a series I did using the Greyhawk gods as characters in (...)

samedi 5 mai 2018

  • Infinity War and Greyhawk
    Hey Greyhawkers, it's your gleefully lazy friend here. Today I'm musing on the hottest movie in the world (right now) Avengers: Infinity War. If you haven't seen the last ten years worth of Marvel movies then what is wrong with you? This particular movie is based on the Infinity Gauntlet era of (...)

  • Please Update Your Link!
    If you're seeing this, it means your link to the Greyhawk Grognard blog is out of date. Please update your link to You're missing out on all the new content posted since the site moved! If you're looking for an older post, just replace "" (...)

mercredi 2 mai 2018

  • Map: Valley of the Mage and Dim Forest
    Hola, Greyhawkers! Today I'm here to share a map I drew recently. My friend Boshie has been taking part in the Greyhawk Channel's Vile & Villainous stream and she is playing a Shadar-Kai warlock from the Shadowfell (Plane of Shadow for us old dogs). What is a shadar-kai you ask? Well I (...)

dimanche 29 avril 2018

  • Greyhawk Stuff OnTthe Web
    Hail Greyhawk fans! Been busy as of late so let's turn our view out and see what is going on in the RPG world related to Greyhawk... First up is a new installment of the classic Greyhawk's World articles reinvigorated by Greyhawk Grognard. This time he covers events of the Central Flanaess (...)

mercredi 25 avril 2018

  • Migration Underway
    Hey all! Just a quick note that the migration to the site has begun. New content will be posted there, rather than the Blogger site, going forward. Expect to see changes in the design in the coming days as things get finalized, but I think it's much cleaner and easier (...)

  • Machete Order Follow-Up
    One thing I noticed is that my proposed "Machete Order" for the early Greyhawk modules is that it rather neatly solves a problem that had cropped up in some of my earlier ruminations. To wit, it allows the contents of Lolth's platinum egg to be brought to the Temple of Elemental Evil in order (...)

mardi 24 avril 2018

  • Deven Rue Greyhawk Map
    Hail Greyhawkers! Light blog day for me folks as I'm too busy doing real life work-stuff. Today I'm promoting Vile & Villainous again on the Greyhawk Channel. And also again, I'd like to mention Deven Rue is working on a Greyhawk map. Here is a sneak peak at the prelim sketch. Looks good so (...)

lundi 23 avril 2018

  • Greyhawk Module Machete Order
    A few weeks ago, I puzzled through the chronological sequence of some of the iconic adventure modules of early D&D and the Greyhawk setting; the Giants/Drow/Queen of Spiders series, the Temple of Elemental Evil, and the Slave Lords adventures. Now, looking at the suggested levels for those (...)

dimanche 22 avril 2018

  • If only...
    Back in the early 1980's I was a huge fan of the World of Greyhawk Fantasy Setting, and especially of the articles in Dragon magazine by Gary Gygax and Rob Kuntz, which "advanced the timeline" and laid out the goings-on in setting during the two years after the established date of CY 576 for (...)

mercredi 18 avril 2018

  • Vile and Villainous
    Hey Greyhawkers! I'm a day late but I'm here to promote the Greyhawk Channel's latest new campaign on Twitch, Vile & Villainous where the players get to be shady characters in the service of the Land of Iuz. This particular show includes my good friend Boshie who is also an entertaining (...)

dimanche 15 avril 2018

  • On Divination
    In doing my analyses of various early adventure modules, it strikes me that some of the things that players are expected to figure out are pretty damn impossible. How to know that wearing the robes of the clerics of Tharizdun will protect against the numbing cold of the Black Cyst? How to know (...)

samedi 14 avril 2018

  • Greyhawk's World: Events of the West-Central Flanaess
    Since my first effort at continuing the Greyhawk's World articles was so well-received (and I had so much fun doing it), I thought it only proper to keep going. For those who don't know, Greyhawk's World was a series of articles in Dragon Magazine from the early 80's describing the ongoing (...)



Oerth Journal 27

vendredi 20 janvier 2017

Il a mis 5 ans à arriver, mais il est là...

Sur le Web : Canonfire

Greyhawk Reborn !

samedi 21 novembre 2015

Greyhawk Reborn is a new living-style campaign based in the legendary World of Greyhawk using the D&D 5E rules !

Sur le Web : Greyhawk Reborn

Best of Greyhawk # 15

lundi 26 août 2013

Voici le 15e fichier qui compile les meilleurs articles postés sur le forum Greyhawk d’AOL (Juillet - Aout 1996).

Best of Greyhawk #15

Canonfire Chronicles

vendredi 2 août 2013

Un petit frère (un fork amical) à Oerth Journal, vient tout juste d’être publié. Il contient plus de 150 pages, essentiellement d’aventures, rédigées par les amateurs et les spécialistes du monde de Greyhawk.

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vendredi 2 août 2013

Pour retrouver rapidemement un article ou une information utilisez le plan du site.

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