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Le tableau ci-dessous indique toutes les aventures explicitement situées dans le Monde de Greyhawk qui sont apparues dans le magazine Dungeon, y compris le niveau recommandé pour les personnages. Cette liste est plus extensive que celle mentionnée dans l’index "officiel" publié dans Dungeon n° 200.

Il est intéressant de noter que toutes les aventures du numéro 84 contiennent des références à Greyhawk.

Les commentaires à partir du numéro 77 sont tirés du site de Allan T. Grohe, Jr (

  Date Aventure Auteur(s) Commentaires
6 1987/07 House of the Brothers Mark R. Shipley AD&D1, levels 6-10. Encounter with fog giants that takes place in hex M5-127, three hexes north of Loftwick in the Yeomanry, on the border of the Jotens mountain range.
15 1989/01 The Elephant’s Graveyard David Howery AD&D1, level 5-7 ; set in Hepmonaland
22 1990/03 The Leopard Men David Howery AD&D1, levels 8-10 ; set in Hepmonaland
30 1991/07 Ghazal David Howery AD&D1, niveaux 6-8 ; set at the border between the Abbor-Alz and the Bright Desert (hex W3-91), the players are confronted by evil suloise slavers.
32 1991/11 Ghost Dance David Howery AD&D2, niveaux 4-7 ; set in Fellreev forest near the border with the Horned Society, the players assist a tribe of Rovers.
41 1993/05 Hopeful Dawn Gary Lai AD&D1, niveaux 3-6 ; set in Veluna City (hex Y4-96). The Greyhawk wars are over ; the year is 584 CY
42 1993/07 Izek’s Slumber Gary Lai AD&D1, niveaux 7-10
53 1995/05 A Serenade Before Supper Andrew Veen AD&D1, niveaux 3-5
56 1995/11 The Land of Men with Tails David Howery AD&D1/2 ??, levels 5-7 ; set in Hepmonaland
70 1998/09 Kingdom of the Ghouls Wolfgang Baur AD&D2, levels 9-15
71 1998/11 Priestly Secrets W. Jason Peck AD&D2, levels 2-4
73 1999/03 The Setting Sun Andy Miller AD&D2, levels 5-7
77 1999/11 Ex Keraptis Cum Amore (From Keraptis with Love) Andy Miller AD&D2, levels 8-12. An excellent Greyhawk scenario that details part of the Burning Cliffs (Darlene hex Z3-45), introduces a new artifact and demi-plane, and features S1-style half-page illustrations.
82 2000/09 Evil Unearthed Ed Stark D&D3e, levels 1-7 (1). A Greyhawk scenario in name only, set in "Brookhollow" on the "Slipper River," near the "Waste" and the "Gnollwood." Ignore this. 
83 2000/09 Alterations Philip Athans niveau 1
83 2000/09 Deep Freeze Cameron Widen niveau 2
84 2001/09 The Harrowing Monte Cook D&D3e, levels 10-20 (15). A high-level, outer-planar return to the Abyss. Not Greyhawk-specific per se, but good fodder for use with the D and Q modules. It includes S1-style half-page illustrations, and has a tie-in to Dragon 279, which details Lolth’s NPC hit squad.
84 2001/09 Demonclaw Peter R. Hopkins D&D3e, levels 1-10 (5). A short adventure set in a sea fortress on Relmor Bay near Wragby in Nyrond. It makes good use of Greyhawk context, but doesn’t add much to the setting.
84 2001/09 The Dying of the Light Chris Doyle D&D3e, levels 5-16 (10). A complex, vampiric adventure nominally set in "Briarwood," near the foot of the northern Lortmil Mountains. Adds nothing to the setting, but looks like a good (and tough) scenario.
84 2001/09 Dungeon of the Fire Opal Jonathan Tweet D&D3e, levels 1-5 (3). This is Tweet’s rendition of the original DMG1 sample dungeon, and is not explicitly set in Greyhawk. I include it for its strong 1e roots, which probably stretch back to Greyhawk.
84 2001/01 Armistice Peter Vinogradov D&D3e, levels 3-12 (7). Set in a rich valley in the Griff Mountains, this adventure uses the setting well. 
85 2001/03 Lord of the Scarlet Tide James Jacobs D&D3e, levels 4-15 (9). A very cool adventure set in the UnderDark beneath Narwell. Although I’m not too fond of the final encounter and therefore of part of the general premise (its too much like Return to White Plume Mountain for my taste), I like the Kuo Toan stronghold a lot 
85 2001/03 Natural Selection Matthew G. Adkins D&D3e, levels 1-9 (5). NE Celadron druids vs. Urnst Rangers. Decent, if a bit misguided, Greyhawk content. Worth fixing and adapting. 
87 2001/07 The Cradle of Madness Robert Lee D&D3e, levels 3-8 (6). Set in the Greyhawk City, the adventure makes good use of a Tharizdun cult. 
87 2001/07 Valley of the Snails W. Jason Peck D&D3e, levels 1-7 (1). Set in the Gran March, near the eastern verge of the Dim Forest, the characters act on behalf of an herbalist in village of Hulvin, and attempt to discover the fate of a missing ranger. 
87 2001/07 The Shalm’s Dark Song Tito Leati D&D3e, levels 1-9 (5). A Side Trek adventure. The only Greyhawk content is the use of Obah-Hai as patron of the shrine that needs rescuing. 
89 2001/11 Headless James Jacobs D&D3e, levels 9-15 (12). An adventure set among the Crystalmist Mountains near Sterich, involving a derro savant’s plans to bring Orcus to Oerth. This scenario is a good side-trek/add-on to The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl (G2) and/or Sean K. Reynolds’ Against the Giants (G1-5). It also includes 3e stats on Orcus (which apparently also appear in the 
89 2001/11 Rage J. Bradney Schell D&D3e, levels 5-9 (7). A short, interesting adventure in which PCs attempt to help a Bissel barbarian recover his rage after being cursed by a troll priestess of Erythnul. 
90 2002/01 Totentanz Bernard Mees D&D3e, levels 1-6 (4). A plague of skeletons beset the town of Luzern, in the Tronewald barony (set near the border of the Yatil Mountains and Vesve forest). Includes a new minor artifact, the Totentanz Gate. 
91 2002/03 The Rock and the Hard Place Brian Corello D&D3e, levels 10-20+ (16). Nomially set in Greyhawk City, the PCs bump into (literally) a waif with a new artifact in hand (The Eye of Night’s Embrace), and must stop a deva and an ice devil from pulling her apart to get it.
91 2002/03 Sloth J. Bradley Schell D&D3e, levels 3-7 (5). Set in Pellak, capital city of the March of Bissel, this Side Trek sets the PCs against a belker loosed by a faulty cirlce of protection. Two new magic items add some spice to an othewise passe scenario : the cape of anarchic conjuration and a pearl of conjuring power. 
91 2002/03 The Legends of Garthulga Tim Hitchcock D&D3e, levels 1-7 (1). This short, clever mystery-adventure occurs along the edge of the Gnarley Forest near the River Selintan, in a trading post run by a gnome, terrorized by an elven legend (or, more properly, his own dire boar stolen by a trio of scheming halflings). 
91 2002/03 Kambranex’s Machinations Robert Lee D&3e, levels 5-13 (9). This adventure builds upon Erik Mona’s "Places of Mystery" detailing "The Belching Vortex of Luek-O), from Living Greyhawk Journal #1, and is set in the Hellfurnaces. Half- machines threaten Flan villagers ; the PCs save them. 
93 2002/07 Vanity J. Bradley Schell D&3e, levels 3-9 (5). An ancient temple’s guardian hides the secret of one man’s great hubris.
93 2002/07 The Storm Lord’s Keep James Wyatt D&3e, levels 17-25 (21). The Storm Lord’s daughter has been slain, and no force in the world can keep him from vengeance - except the PCs..
94 2002/09 Bloodlines Luke Johnson D&D3e, levels 4-10 (7). The long-forgotten monastery to the lords of winds hides a secret of immense evil.
95 2002/11 Lust J. Bradley Schell D&D3e Side Trek, levels 2-6 (4). An encounter with a half-fiend satyr, set within the verge of the Dim Forest, near the borders of the Gran March and Bissel. The bored satyr has charmed three Knights of the Watch, who will engage each other or the PCs to the death. 
96 2003/01 Beyond the Light of Reason Caine Chandler D&D3e, levels 9-15 (13). The Town of Rutherton has lived in peace for years thanks to the protective flame of the Light of Reason When the flame is extinguished, the PCs must race against time to re-light it or the town will be destroyed.
97 2003/03 Xollox (Critical Threat) Robert Harris D&D3e CR19 Beholder/Rogue 6. Originally from the Horned Society’s lands, Xollox is an ancient and sagely collector of secrets (a rival to Robilar, perhaps ?) in Radigast City. 
98 2003/05 Gluttony J. Bradley Schell D&D3e Side Trek, levels 3-5 (4). A dwarvem cleric of Wee Jas teams with two rasts to create an army of undead in her honor. Not as strong as Vanity, unfortunately....
99 2003/06 Quadripartite Peter E. Aperio D&D3e levels 12-18 (14). PCs must stop an incursion from the far realms, using an ancient artifact created in Oerth’s dawn by Pelor, Obad-Hai, Nerull, and Kord. 
103 2003/10 Glacial Inferno Kent Ertman D&D3.5, levels 5-9 (7). The PCs are drawn to a free-for-all Abbor-Alz volcanic dungeon in which rests a glacial artifact, in the midst of fire and ice elementals, freed devils, and a now- mostly-defunct group of magical terrorists, who are all at war.... 
105 2003/12 The Stink Monte Lin D&D3.5e, levels 1-7 (4). A generic-setting adventure featuring Incabulos-worshipping locathah, which introduces six new supernatural diseases to Greyhawk. 
105 2003/12 Racing the Snake John Simcoe D&D3.5e, levels 4-8 (6). The PCs act as decoys on the route to Highfolk from Polvar, in order to save a merchant’s daughter from her father’s business rival, who hired a yuan-ti assassin to kill her. 
106 2004/01 Tammeraut’s Fate Greg A. Vaughn D&D3.5e, levels 4-8 (6). A well-written, well-researched undersea adventure set in Relmor Bay on Firewatch Island (on the southern Nyrondal coast), where abyssal evils bubble up from the nearby Dagon’s Maw rift.
112 2004/07 Maure Castle Robert J. Kuntz D&D 3.5e, levels 12+. An update of the original 1985 module WG5 Mordenkainen’s Fantastic Adventure to 3.5e rules, for . In addition to adding additional background to the module, Kuntz published a new, fourth level : The Statuary, a level within the dungeons of Maure Castle itself, rather than a new one added to the existing WG5 levels (though it is accessible from there). Deadly and fun indeed !!
114 2004/09 Mad God’s Key Jason Bulmahn D&D 3.5, levels 1-3 (1). An introductory Living Greyhawk adventure set in the Free City of Greyhawk, centered around the theft a small copper key that once belonged to Zagig, a key which would open any door within the city. Now owned by the son of a locksmith, the key is stolen by cultists of Vecna who disguise themselves as priests of Boccob. Enter the PCs to recover the key.
114 2004/09 Isle of Dread : Torrents of Dread Greg A. Vaughan D&D 3.5, levels 4-8 (6). A group of evil kopru must be thwarted in their efforts to summon Demogorgon by storm-wrecked PCs caught in the flotsam of the koprus’ weather magicks. 
115 2004/10 Raiders of the Black Ice Wolfgang Baur D&D 3.5, levels 1-5 (3). An OK wilderness and dungeon adventure written to tie-in with the release of WotC’s Frostburn rulebook. Baur expands upon Blackmoor, and lures the PCs to the Frozen Citadel, on the Black Ice glacier sheet itself.
117 2004/12 Touch of the Abyss Greg A. Vaughan D&D 3.5, levels 9-12 (11). The first of three related adventures, Touch of the Abyss posits a Lovecraft-like wrongness overhanging the city, and as the PCs attempt to investigate it, they enter Krelont Keep and discover the missing Baron Querchard.
118 2005/01 Shadow of the Abyss Greg A. Vaughan D&D 3.5, levels 8+ (11). Continues where Touch of the Abyss left off, with PCs investigating how to destroy the dark influence of the Malgoth on the city of Istivin. 
118 2005/01 Throne of Iuz John Simcoe D&D 3.5, levels 13-20 (15). Set within in an olven burial mound in the Vesve Forest, near the Defiled Glades, where the PCs discover King Bog One-Eye’s plot to raze the Vesve by creating an artifact called the Throne of Iuz (basically a mobile and huge black thumb effort, for you gardeners out there).
119 2005/02 Wrath of the Abyss Greg A. Vaughan D&D 3.5, levels 8+ (11). Concludes the Istivin : City of Shadows mini-campaign, in which the PCs discover drowic influences at work, tainting Istivin and its population. Entering the Underdark to confront their enemies in their own lair, the PCs discover that Malgoth can only be defeated back on the surface, to which they must hie ! the Malgoth on the city of Istivin. 
120 2005/03 Lost Temple of Demogorgon Sean K. Reynolds D&D 3.5, levels 12-16 (14). Set in the Iron Hills, this adventure pits the PCs against a rival band of NPC adventurers, as well as various foes in the temple itself, including the death knight, Lord Khayven !
121 2005/04 Fiend’s Embrace Stephen S. Greer D&D 3.5, levels 2-5 (4). An adventure that centers around the recovery of a unique miscellaneous magic item, created by Graz’zt for Iggwilv---the cloak known as Fiend’s Embrace (as written, it’s not quite powerful enough to be a minor artifact). Set in the Cold Stones Keep of the Cold Marshes, the PCs must race the clock against the Fingers of Iuz, a group of rival NPCs who seek the cloak for their fell master. The dungeon itself is flooded, which is a nice change of pace ! Note that the cover of this issue shows the artifact being gifted to Iggwilv by Graz’zt ; this is one of only two images of Iggwilve that I know of, the other being Quinn’s illo in the monster book of S4). 
121 2005/04 The Styes Richard Pett D&D 3.5, levels 7-11 (9). A generic murder-mystery that Pett adapts to Prymp, The Styes focuses on role-playing and investigation as the PCs attempt to unravel the execution of an innonent, framed for murder by a cult of Tharizdun founded by an aboleth savant. 
122 2005/05 Root of Evil Mike Mearls D&D 3.5 levels 15-20 (18). A generic, city-based adventure (Mearls suggests Highfolk for GH), in which PCs must race the clock and successfully penetrate a demonic tree and kill it’s demonic essence before it reaches maturity and spawns a demonic forest across Oerth.
124 2005/07 The Whispering Cairn Erik Mona D&D 3.5 levels 1-5 (1). A pure GH adventure in all but name, The Whispering Cairn is set in the town of Diamond Lake, within the Cairn Hills. The PCs enter a well-explored cairn that holds unpenetrated mysteries and unclaimed treasures. 
124 2005/07 Chambers of Antiquities Robert J. Kuntz D&D 3.5 levels 14-18 (17). The first new installment of Maure Castle in a year, Chambers of Antiquities details the levels above The Statuary from Dungeon 112. A level filled wondrous hazards and treasures, sure to please any Maure Castle fans !
125 2005/08 The Three Faces of Evil Mike Mearls D&D 3.5 levels 1-5 (3). The second installment of the "Age of Worms" Adventure Path,
126 2005/09 Encounter at Blackwall Keep Sean K. Reynolds D&D 3.5 levels 1-5 (5). The third installment in the "Age of Worms" Adventure Path,
126 2005/09 The Clockwork Fortress Wolfgang Baur D&D 3.5 levels 6-12 (8). Sequel to Baur’s adventure "Raiders of the Black Ice" from Dungeon 115,
131 Hateful Legacy, The Grag A. Vaughan niveau 12
133 Ill-Made Graves Kevin Carter niveau 4
135 Funeral Procession Mark A. Hart niveau 1
136 Coming Storm, The Greg A. Vaughan niveau 10
139 Greater Halls, The Robert J. Kuntz niveau 17
140 Heart of Hellfire Mountain, The Dave Olson niveau 20
145 Vile Addiction Tom Ganz, B. Matthew Conklin III, Stefan Happ, Stephen S. Greer and Ashavan Doyon niveau 8
146 Spawn of Sehan Tom Ganz, B. Matthew Conklin III, Stefan Happ, Stephen S. Greer and Ashavan Doyon niveau 9
147 Dread Pagoda of the Inscrutable Ones Tom Ganz, B. Matthew Conklin III, Stefan Happ, Stephen S. Greer and Ashavan Doyon niveau 10
148 Shadows of Spinecastle Stephen S. Greer & Gary Holian niveau 9



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