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Le tableau ci-dessous indique tous les articles, cartes et aides de jeu explicitement situées dans le Monde de Greyhawk qui sont apparues dans le magazine Dungeon. Cette liste est plus extensive que celle mentionnée dans l’index "officiel" publié dans Dungeon n° 200.


Vol. Date Titre Auteur(s) Commentaires
98 Into the Bright Desert Creighton Broadhurst 98
99 2003/06 Temple of Boccob (Map of Mystery) Christopher West A nice-looking map for a large temple to the Uncaring One.
103 Denizens of the Bright Desert Creighton Broadhurst 103
104 Paladins of Greyhawk Gary Holian 104
105 2003/12 Warduke : Hierarch of the Horned Society Erik Mona D&D3.5e, CR20 artifact-wielding Fighter 18. The D&D action figure returns with a vengeance !
106 Beasts of the Scarlet Brotherhood Paul Looby & Stuart Kerrigan 106
106 2004/01 Dantalion : Dark Champion of the Sword Lord Erik Mona D&D3.5e CR15 Cleric 5/Fighter 10. Thie priest of Kelanen wields Scather, one of the Swords of Answering
106 2004/01 Volkag : Summoner of Death James Wilber D&D3.5e CR12 Orc Cleric 12 of Nerull who disguises himself as a priest of Gruumsh.
107 2004/02 Evard : Debased Information Broker Erik Mona D&D3.5e CR16 Conjuror 16. Evard of Black Tentacles infamy, an information-monger worthy to be Robilar’s peer ! In addition to the NPC, we’re also treated to his nasty divinatory spell, Evard’s All Seeing Worm.
109 2004/04 Hardby : City of the Scorned Paul Looby A substantial, twenty-page, Living Greyhawk 3.5e article about the history of Hardby and its inhabitants, with maps, prominent NPCs, etc.
112 2004/07 Swords and Sorcery - in Wargaming Gary Gygax A reprint of Gygax’s article that first appeared in Wargamer’s Digest (May 1974), in which he recounts the adventures of his PCs Mordenkainen, Bigby, and cohorts in Rob Kuntz’s terrible Iron Golem level beneath Maure Castle !
113 2004/08 Greyhawk’s Knights of Holy Shielding : Valor is Our Blood Rick LaRue Details the Knights of Holy Shielding 3.5e Prestige Class, as well as the history, knightly code, and prominent members of the order.
114 2004/09 Isle of Dread : Exploring the Isle of Dread Gary Holian This issue includes a poster map of the Isle of Dread, and Holian’s background article firmly ensconces the former Expert set module from 1981 within Greyhawk. Holian also updates X1 to 3.5e.
115 2004/10 Happy Birthday, D&D Allan Grohe My letter of support for Dungeon 112’s 30th Anniversary Maure Castle extravaganza ! Greyhawk fan Merric Blackman also chimes in with comments on the Maure Castle maps.
116 2004/11 The 30 Greatest D&D Adventures of All Time Erik Mona, James Jacobs, and the Dungeon Design Panel The final tribute article to 30th Anniversary, in which the upper crust of 3.x game designers fill us in on their top 30 picks for best modules. A good read, and oddly enough, 19 of the 30 are set in Greyhawk : who’d’ve thunk it ? :D
117 2004/12 Istivin : City of Shadows Greg A. Vaughan and Erik Mona A backdrop article about the city of Istivin, in Sterich, focusing on its history, the city map and key, and NPC personalities (including Frush O’Suggill) with 3.5 stats.
118 2005/01 Greyhawk map insert Erik Mona, Steve Wilson, Paul Stormberg, the members of Greytalk, and Robert Lazzaretti The finest Greyhawk map published since Darlene Pekul’s from the 1980 Folio (although it does require lamination since the paper is quite fragile stock). This first of four sections details the northwest Flanaess ; the legend appears on page 13 (and on Paizo’s web site).
119 2005/01 Greyhawk map insert idem This second of four sections details the southwest Flanaess ; the legend appears on page 17 (and on Paizo’s web site).
120 2005/03 Greyhawk map insert idem This third of four sections details the southeast Flanaess ; the legend appears on page 17 (and on Paizo’s web site).
121 2005/04 Greyhawk map insert idem This fourth of four sections details the southeast Flanaess ; the legend appears on page 15 (and on Paizo’s web site).
124 2005/07 Diamond Lake Erik Mona Backdrop article with Diamond Lake settings details for use with The Whispering Cairn and the rest of the Age of Worms adventure path scenarios. Very good stuff !
124 2005/07 Diamond Lake map insert Robert Lazzaretti This issue also includes a Diamond Lake poster map, drawn by Robert Lazzaretti.
online Age of Worms Overload Erik Mona This overview describes the entire Adventure Path, provides campaign adaptions to Greyhawk (enriching the Greyhawk experience beyond the elements already written into the adventures), the Forgotten Realms, and Eberron.
145 Exag : City of Clay Tom Ganz, B. Matthew Conklin III, Stefan Happ, Stephen S. Greer and Ashavan Doyon 145
172 Demonomicon of Iggwilv : Codricuhn, the Blood Storm Robert J. Schwalb x
172 Demonomicon of Iggwilv : Juiblex, the Faceless Lord Robert J. Schwalb x



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