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vendredi 24 août 2012

samedi 18 août 2012

  • That Infamous Key, Part Eight
    Well, will you look at that, Slinky's finally dozed off! Must be the muffins! Hmm? Trouble? Bah! I was in no trouble! Disappointed are you? Well, have another muffin and mug of cider and you'll feel better. (Laugh) No, I wasn't in any trouble, but it seems that my Master had already learned of (...)

mercredi 1er août 2012

  • The Society of Winetasters
    A top-secret, Flanaess-wide secret society of the good that watches the watchers. Infinite knowledge of secrets, plotting against the forces of evil and good wine. No headquarters, no leadership, you’re on your own. Sounds good? The Society of Winetasters awaits for (...)

jeudi 26 juillet 2012

  • Postfest XVII (Richfest 2012): The Last Respite
    The free port of Narisban, found in the tropical Olman Island chain is a crossroads for intrepid traders and pirates who ply the high seas. Given the remote location of Narisban, nearly every sailor that visits its harbor seeks a respite from the sea for it might be their (...)

samedi 21 juillet 2012

  • Postfest XVII(Richfest 2012): The Braided Beard
    The Braided Beard is an Inn located under the Forge Quarter in the Free City of Irongate. If you need to find the right dwarf to talk to, the Braided Beard is always your best option. Just be sure not to upset the bouncers...

mercredi 18 juillet 2012

  • Postfest XVII (Richfest 2012): Daan Rhuul Gharlaan Ac
    From what we know of humanoid society they differ greatly from what we see amongst the more civilized races. It is rare to see any items of art from goblins and orcs. Who has ever seen a troll scholar or bricklayer? In the lands beyond the Flanaess, amongst the plains and hilltops of Darak (...)

dimanche 15 juillet 2012

  • Postfest XVII (Richfest 2012): Rangors Roving Rest
    Rangor's Roving Rest is a magical inn that appears along a weary road or path one day and is gone the next. Some say the inn is cursed, others say it appears when a adventurer needs a hot meal and a dry bed the most. This cozy rest could appear along the road that leads into Greyhawk city and (...)

jeudi 12 juillet 2012

  • Postfest XVII(Richfest 2012): The Diving Dragon Inn
    The Diving Dragon Inn is a favourite with the locals of Rockport. Rockport is a small town situated on the eastern edge of Irongate territory near the border with Naerie. Tasty food, flowing ale, good stories and adventure awaits...

lundi 9 juillet 2012

  • Postfest XVII (Richfest 2012): THE WILD GOOSE
    The Wild Goose, as it is known, is among other things a gateway to a multi-dimensional demesne known as The World Serpent Inn, a popular stopping point for many a traveling planehopper.

vendredi 6 juillet 2012

jeudi 31 mai 2012

  • A Tale of Good and Evil, Chapter 1
    In 584 C.Y., Greyhawk City has opened her arms to a new group of heroes who have saved the lands of Oerth from the wretched Demon Queen of Spiders. But not all within the city walls welcome our heroes with good intentions…

samedi 26 mai 2012

dimanche 13 mai 2012

  • Cave of Ungutu
    Long ago there was a vast empire overseen by Emperor Zotlatlan. He was a tyrannical ruler in every sense, but his people led full and bountiful lives. When Zotlatlan moved his ambitions to the conquest of the surrounding tribes, they rallied together under the leadership of the Lizard Tribe, (...)

samedi 28 avril 2012

samedi 31 mars 2012

  • Secret of the Runes IV
    In this treatise, we explore an exceedingly greater knowledge of rune lore. “May Annam enlighten, your path as you take in the runes”.

mercredi 1er février 2012

jeudi 19 janvier 2012

dimanche 8 janvier 2012

jeudi 29 décembre 2011

dimanche 25 décembre 2011

mardi 20 décembre 2011

  • By Steel and Spell, Part II
    Continuing the story from Part I, our heroes makes new discoveries and learn what kind of foe they now face.

vendredi 16 décembre 2011

  • By Steel and Spell (Part I)
    In the northern reaches of the Timberway Forest, an ancient evil is growing stronger. Old friends -- once separated -- must now come together to battle and defeat this malevolent presence . . . once and for all!

jeudi 1er décembre 2011

  • Return of the Spider Queen, Part 2
    A final confrontation awaits Aalas in the Fane of Tiamat, but the awakening of a powerful evil seems inevitable -- whether he wins or loses . . .

mercredi 23 novembre 2011

  • Castle Ravenloft in Greyhawk
    Ravenloft is one of the most beloved AD&D adventures. Here, we look at how it might be fully integrated into the Greyhawk Campaign Setting.

mercredi 9 novembre 2011

  • Nitalae, the Lonely Blade
    The Suel Imperium died under the Rain of Colorless Fire, its treasures hidden under the ever-shifting ashes of the Sea of Dust. And in one lost crypt, deep in the trackless desert, the sword Nitalae waits . . .

vendredi 28 octobre 2011

  • The History of the Ahlissim
    The story of the Ahlissim Flan, natives of the ancient Kingdom of Ahlissa, as told in their own sacred scriptures.

lundi 24 octobre 2011

  • Of Ashes and Empire
    The Kingdom of Aerdy, once the jewel of Oerth, spanned the continent, then fell into decadence and finally into memory. But as one wise learned man once said; 'Sometimes ashes hide an ember to start a fire anew . . .'

jeudi 20 octobre 2011

  • Alignments and the Newbie
    The alignments are sometimes a challenge to the new player so back then I created a “list” of popular known character types that (IMO) defined the alignments.

dimanche 16 octobre 2011

  • The Secret of the Runes III
    Rune Lore is the formula Rune casters use in the crafting of a rune. Unlike traditional forms of magic in which a caster invokes certain ritual’s to shape the magical weave.

lundi 10 octobre 2011

  • Gods of the Flanaess: Erythnul
    How do I define ‘living life to the fullest?’ I define it as doing what I want, to who I want, when I want to, because it brings me pleasure." Khuludden the Bloodstained, priest of Erythnul.

mercredi 5 octobre 2011

  • The Secret of the Runes II
    In Secret of the Runes, we found out about the origin of Rune Lore. In this long awaited follow up to the Postfest IV article, we will address the lost Joten magic’s and an alternate Wizard class called the Rune Caster, plus some Rune (...)

mardi 27 septembre 2011

  • The Dolmen of Artur
    1st Edition DMG briefly mentions Artur's Dolmen as a location where artifacts might be destroyed. The location was discussed in a thread on CF. To those who took part, thanks for whatever inspiration you gave me.

dimanche 18 septembre 2011

  • Fighter Kits and Class Options Part 1
    In this treatise, you are presented with some new fighter kits and alternative fighter classes: The Rhennee Darkhagards, the Sheldomar Swordsman, the Myrmidon and the Swashbuckler.

mercredi 14 septembre 2011

  • Return of the Spider Queen, Part 1
    Aalas -- Son of Agnure of Hommlet -- begins to lead his company away from the Fane of Tiamat, but he quickly realizes that he has little choice but to return to the Fane in an attempt to free his imprisoned step-father.

mardi 23 août 2011

  • That Infamous Key Part VII
    (Yawn) My, but it is getting on. Perhaps I should finish my tale another time? (Snort) Old age indeed! Older than you I might be girly, but I am not that old! . . .

mercredi 20 juillet 2011

lundi 11 juillet 2011

  • That Infamous Key, Part Six
    Well, hello there ‘Slinky!’ I wondered where you had gotten off to! Hmm? ‘Missy’ did what? Dear girl, why ever did you put ‘Slinky’ in a cage? . . .

lundi 4 juillet 2011

  • The Knot (Part Two)
    It's a curious thing about knots. Each of them is different. For some, the knot loosens. For others . . . it tightens.

vendredi 3 juin 2011

  • Postfest XV: All Dried Out, Part II
    Things are dire a Sunn'sebb snowfall prevents travel and a disease seems to be turning the good people of Shandalanar into blood thirsty zombies that cannot be turned. Rumors persist the dead have risen from their graves and a missing farmers son may be the answer to such fell (...)

  • Postfest XV: All Dried Out, Part I
    In the great peaceful theocracy of Veluna, lies a small town named Shandalanar. A land who has known peace almost from its simple beginnings. This resurrected old miners town sports fertile soil and a peace loving people. When one of the farmers sons is arrested for stealing drinks at the local (...)

mercredi 25 mai 2011

  • Postfest XV: Pyert
    An unassuming shop in a quiet town. A pleasant young man. A less than noble lord. A personal hurt that must be salved.

mardi 17 mai 2011

  • Postfest XV: Sanctigaard and the Demesne of Sir Xaris ab Yustin
    Ever needed a higher level base of operations for your characters than the Keep on the Borderlands? Welcome to Sanctigaard, Eastboro, and the Demesne of Sir Xaris! If your campaign is pre-Greyhawk Wars, your heroes can use this village as a base from which to make assaults upon the humanoids (...)

samedi 7 mai 2011

  • The Knot
    Sometimes you choose a career. Sometimes the career chooses you.

jeudi 14 avril 2011

  • That Infamous Key Part Five
    Ah, a beautiful star filled sky! I’m glad the clouds have gone. And will you look at the way the moonlight glows upon the snow capped mountains! Hmm? Digressing? What do you mean ‘digressing’? Child, you were the one that needed to go the privy! As for the story, well, it seemed that a part of (...)

mercredi 6 avril 2011

  • Famous Gems & Jewels of the Flanaess - Part II
    Herein continues the roll call of notable gems and jewels of the Flanaess, including crown jewels of Furyondy, Nyrond, Keoland, the elves of Celene, the dwarves of the Principality of Ulek and others.

mercredi 23 mars 2011

  • Vile Roots
    What makes a Villain? What events in a being's past brings it to the point of darkness? Is it a long slow decline or does it happen with one sudden choice? Can someone be born 'evil'? In the case of Sym'ar Al-bint Hura the answer is (...)

mercredi 16 mars 2011

  • That Infamous Key Part Four
    Oh dear! Would you look at that! The fire is dying down again, just throw another log on, would you? Mmmm, at least the cider is still warm. Would you care for another mug? And I think I’ll have another one of Mrs. Hildegard’s exquisite muffins! They are simply delicious! What? Oh, dear, I must (...)

lundi 7 mars 2011

  • Famous Gems and Jewels of the Flanaess-Part I
    by GVDammerung This article will look at notable gems and jewels in the Flanaess. Part of the romance of history are the accouterments of power and prestige, that while playing no great part in the pageant of events themselves, yet become associated with historic times, places and persons. King (...)

mercredi 9 février 2011

  • That Infamous Key, Part Three
    Yes, just put another log on the fire; that’s fine. It really is nice of you to visit with me of an evening like this; a break from study and research and all that. You are a sweet girl and a fine apprentice too, I must say. Did you enjoy your muffin? Excellent, aren’t they? And the cider! Hmm? (...)

jeudi 23 décembre 2010

  • That Infamous key, Part 2
    Ah, nice warm cider, on a cool Sunsebb evening in front of the fireplace, nothing quite like it! And these muffins! Have you ever tasted their like? I really must get the recipe from Mrs. Hildegard. Huh? What? Oh, I am sorry . . . the story! Of course, how obtuse of me. In my defense I really (...)


Oerth Journal 28

dimanche 12 mai 2019

Février 2019 : Parution du numéro 28 du Oerth Journal

Oerth Journal 27

vendredi 20 janvier 2017

Il a mis 5 ans à arriver, mais il est là...

Sur le Web : Canonfire

Greyhawk Reborn !

samedi 21 novembre 2015

Greyhawk Reborn is a new living-style campaign based in the legendary World of Greyhawk using the D&D 5E rules !

Sur le Web : Greyhawk Reborn

Best of Greyhawk # 15

lundi 26 août 2013

Voici le 15e fichier qui compile les meilleurs articles postés sur le forum Greyhawk d’AOL (Juillet - Aout 1996).

Best of Greyhawk #15

Canonfire Chronicles

vendredi 2 août 2013

Un petit frère (un fork amical) à Oerth Journal, vient tout juste d’être publié. Il contient plus de 150 pages, essentiellement d’aventures, rédigées par les amateurs et les spécialistes du monde de Greyhawk.


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