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samedi 11 décembre 2010

  • That Infamous Key, Part 1
    You want a story? A thrilling tale of yester-year? Something relating to my youth, you say? Ah, yes, I see, you want to know how it all began! Well, I could entertain you with tales of my childhood, growing up on my father’s farm in the Yeomanry. Or perhaps regale you with my first adventurous (...)

dimanche 10 octobre 2010

  • On the Trolls of the Flanaess: History, Culture and Nation
    “It has been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. Perhaps that is why those who attempt to slay trolls with swords so often prove to be madmen." Lord Robilar, Greyhawk adventurer and nobleman, 572 (...)

vendredi 8 octobre 2010

  • Places of Interest: The Sanctuary of the Jeweled Dagger
    The World of Greyhawk is a land of mystery and wonder; many are the places that, once thought lost could yet again be found and in being found offer untold glories to adventurers. The Sanctuary of the Jeweled Dagger, once a place of refuge for dwarven cultists of the evil deity Abbathor and (...)

lundi 20 septembre 2010

vendredi 17 septembre 2010

  • Postfest XIV(Richfest 2010): Nura bint Ramil
    There are few sights in Ull rarer than a woman who wields power and wealth. In the seedy heights of Kester is one such woman, and though she is not a native of Ull, none dare contest her right to live and prosper in that harsh frontier (...)

jeudi 16 septembre 2010

  • Postfest XIV(Richfest 2010): Sir Xaris
    Sir Xaris, the Unabashed, Proclaimer of Truth, Defender of Right, Bane of the Wicked, is an accomplished Paladin originally hailing from Furyondy, who has travelled the length and breadth of the Flanness with his adventuring companions, known commonly as the Old Characters. Ever the first with (...)

vendredi 25 juin 2010

  • Gods of the Flanaess: Zilchus
    "This gold piece that I hold before you is what has built our thriving society. Wealth and commercial trade are the building blocks of the world, the lifeblood of our state, and our greatest friend and treasure. And yet the gold coin is but a partial symbol. Not everyone has a vast fortune of (...)

vendredi 18 juin 2010

  • The History of Bradock Quasar, Suloise Mage
    Not as well known is Braduck Quasar, an NPC Paul submitted to the World of Greyhawk Fan club in the mid 1990’s. Braduck was included in one of the two Grimoire collections put out by the fan club. In digging through old sources, I was inspired by Paul’s NPC and decided to expand on his history, (...)

lundi 10 mai 2010

  • Monastic Fighting Styles of the Flanaess
    We are all familiar with monkish fighting styles based on Asian fighting styles. However much of Oerth, especially the Flanaess are based on western earth civilizations. Therefore the monk class should reflect a more westernized approach to its philosophy and structure. Or in the least an (...)

mardi 30 mars 2010

  • Map of Glacial Flanaess
    Before the rise of the Flan, the Suel and the Baklunish, before the first writings of the Olve and Dwar, there was ice...

dimanche 21 février 2010

  • On the Formorians of the Flanaess: History, Culture and Nation
    There's an old saying that you should never judge a book by its cover. In many cases that's true, but it should be noted that there is an exception to every rule. In the case of formorians, you really can judge a book by its cover. -Seline Roas Del Cranden, adventuring (...)

vendredi 22 janvier 2010

  • On the Storm Giants of the Flanaess: History, Culture and Nation
    “It can be a lonely existence, to be sure. And yet, we would have it no other way. As violent and powerful as a storm can be, nonetheless does it play an integral role in the workings of the natural world. So too is it for we, the giants that take the storm as our name. If we may create (...)

lundi 11 janvier 2010

samedi 9 janvier 2010

jeudi 7 janvier 2010

mardi 5 janvier 2010

  • Postfest XIII (Brewfest 2009): Seregith Lithin, Would-Be Olven Lich
    No good villain should have to languish in obscurity.... I developed this mid-level NPC for my AD&D(r) campaign. Players being what they are, they avoided his lair entirely. Later, I submitted him for inclusion in a "Rogues Gallery" compilation at Dragonsfoot. That project never saw the (...)

jeudi 10 décembre 2009

  • Postfest XIII(Brewfest 2009): The Haunt of Gol Usan
    “Our band was on the trail of a coward thief hiding near a wooded lake when we came upon the hovel of a strange old hermit. Before we had a chance to question him, he began to threaten us! He told us that we should leave the woods before night fall or else forfeit our lives. Of course we ignored (...)

jeudi 3 décembre 2009

  • The Fall of Myrsyma’s Temple
    Long before Queen Ehlissa created her Marvelous Nightingale, long before the Wizard-Priest Tzunk used the Codex to attempt the conquest of the Brass City, long before Kyuss performed unholy experiments in the mortuary city of Unaagh in the kingdom of Sulm, there was another legend whispered (...)

mercredi 25 novembre 2009

  • Revenge of the Giants Review
    Newly released as the first 4E "super-adventure", Revenge of the Giants is not an official GH product but that doesn't mean it can't be used as one.

mercredi 18 novembre 2009

  • Flight from Caerdiralor
    Long before the Twin Cataclysms there were whispered stories of lost empires of the Ur-Flan; the Occluded Empire of Vecna, the Isles of Woe in the Nyr Dyv, Veralos near the Rift Canyon, Tostehnca in the Griff Mountains and Sulm in the Bright Desert. But long before any of these, there was (...)

jeudi 12 novembre 2009

  • The Bandit Kingdoms CY 576 - Adventure Ideas
    Concluding the Bandit Kingdoms Gazetteer is a collection of module ideas and adventure hooks to help DMs to further develop a Bandit Kingdoms campaign. Share and Enjoy! [tm]

vendredi 6 novembre 2009

  • The Bandit Kingdoms CY 576 - The Northern Lands
    (Heretics?) The Northern Bandit Kingdoms - Rookroost, Greenkeep, Groskopf, Fellands - are dominated by the Bluff Hills and the Fellreev forest. In the forest, Fellands and Greenkeep are fighting a nasty little war with the woodsfolk over logging. Rookroost, Fellands, and Grosskopf squabble over (...)

jeudi 29 octobre 2009

  • An Introduction to The Art of War
    Once almost lost to the mists of time, a now popular manual of tactics has been applied to everything from management to goldfish breeding. Read more about the text that has been called The Art of War.

jeudi 22 octobre 2009

  • The Bandit Kingdoms CY 576 - The Eastern Lands
    (Heretic's Nest?) The Eastern Bandit Kingdoms - Artonsamay, Johrase, Dimre, and Stoink - all border the Artonsamay river. In other words, easy access to loot. Tenh, the Pale, Nyrond, and Urnst are all fair game and favorite targets. The raiders are adept at avoiding patrols, feinting one place (...)

  • The Bandit Kingdoms CY 576 - The Southern/Central Lands
    (Again, the topic could be Heritic's Nest) The Southern and Central Bandit Kingdoms are a study in contrasts. From the revelry of the pirate town of Tortage to the grim stoicism of the great fortress of Riftcrag to the darkness of the Tangles to the sleepy farming communities of Midlands, the (...)

  • Postfest XII(Richfest 2009): Coliseum of Grrth'mar
    Ancient colliseums hold the secrets of their Masters and of those who fought and trained there. There is one in particular which holds the secret of crossing time and place. Within those ruined walls trained a warrior who was forced to make a choice; choosing between his tribe fade into (...)

  • Postfest XII(Richfest 2009): The Oogga-Booga Bush
    Rumor has it that down south in the Pearl Sea, there is an exotic inn nestled in the roots of a giant tree called the Oogga-Booga Bush. But you can’t believe rumors.

  • Postfest XII(Richfest 2009): The Spire of Ice
    "The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan - heard you of it?" questioned the sage. At our nods, he continued: "What of the Temple of the Earth Dragon? The Ghost Tower of Inverness? Hmmm?" "Oerth is infused with magic. This magic is stronger at certain places - Castle Greyhawk, for example. I believe the (...)

  • Thunder Bow of the Rovers
    The Thunder Bow of the Rovers is a minor but venerable artifact of the Rovers of the Barrens

  • The Bandit Kingdoms CY 576 - The Western Lands
    The western Bandit Kingdoms - Warfields, Wormhall, Freehold, Abarra - stand as the barrier between the rest of the kingdoms and the evil of the Horned Society. The barrier may be cracking - Wormhall is making overtures to the Society, while Warfields and Abarra turn up the pressure. As always, (...)

  • A History of the Bandit Kingdoms to CY 576
    This is the history of the Bandit Kingdoms I put together for a campaign from the mid-80's. I felt it was necessary as a backstory to explain how a 'nation' of feuding, essentially independent city-states could exist when surrounded by major organized nations like the Pale, Tenh, Urnst, the (...)

  • On the Cloud Giants of the Flanaess: History, Culture and Nation
    An evil cloud giant is the only being that brutally slaughter a dozen humans, and then listen to the performance of a romantic ballad on the harp while cooking them for dinner. A good cloud giant is the only being that can paint a beautiful three-dimensional portrait of the sun rising over a (...)

  • The Lay of Sir Feoro
    Despite the lay named after him, it is certain that Sir Feoro did not exist. However, the anonymous author did know a thing or two about the faerie races, and this is evident in the text of the poem itself.


Oerth Journal 28

dimanche 12 mai 2019

Février 2019 : Parution du numéro 28 du Oerth Journal

Oerth Journal 27

vendredi 20 janvier 2017

Il a mis 5 ans à arriver, mais il est là...

Sur le Web : Canonfire

Greyhawk Reborn !

samedi 21 novembre 2015

Greyhawk Reborn is a new living-style campaign based in the legendary World of Greyhawk using the D&D 5E rules !

Sur le Web : Greyhawk Reborn

Best of Greyhawk # 15

lundi 26 août 2013

Voici le 15e fichier qui compile les meilleurs articles postés sur le forum Greyhawk d’AOL (Juillet - Aout 1996).

Best of Greyhawk #15

Canonfire Chronicles

vendredi 2 août 2013

Un petit frère (un fork amical) à Oerth Journal, vient tout juste d’être publié. Il contient plus de 150 pages, essentiellement d’aventures, rédigées par les amateurs et les spécialistes du monde de Greyhawk.


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